[Update 9-1-2017]  The domain name got dropped because it wasn’t renewed. As of today, I’m the new owner of to continue the legacy.

I’m currently in the process of migrating our Call of Duty 2 servers from Linux to Windows. Why? Well, I made a small oopsy which would take me a long time to fix, so I decided to migrate the COD2 servers to Windows, but let’s not go into details. If you must know, my /boot directory was full so I had to clean it up. Accidentally, I deleted the wrong kernel files, so the server didn’t want to boot anymore. Of course I could fiddle around with the rescue option my VPS had, but I was a bit tired of messing around with the command-line.

Anyway, we used to run our Call of Duty 2 servers before on Windows as well, back in 2010. The main advantage of running your COD2 servers on Windows is that you can use Statsgen2, a free statistics generator. Of course one can also use Statsgen2 with your COD2 servers running on Linux. You would just have to (automatically) FTP the logfiles over to your Windows box running Statsgen, but that would require 2 servers, which is silly. So naturally during the migration I decided to go and download statsgen2 from its official website, just to find out that the website no longer exists :-(

Almost every link I tried on Google was dead, but in the end I managed to download a clean copy of Those of you who have used statsgen2 in the past know that you need more than just the program itself; Without the imagepacks, your stats website will look like crap. Finding a working link to the imagepacks turned out to be a real pain in the ass. I couldn’t find a working link anywhere, so I had to use my reverse engineering skills to download the images from stats pages created by statsgen2 in the past. Basically what I did was search on Google for clans still hosting an (old) statsgen2 generated stats page and used DownThemAll to download all images on their stats pages. Doing so, I managed to recreate complete imagepacks for Call of Duty, Call of Duty 2, Call of Duty 4, Call of Duty 5, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and the base images (i.e. Home button etc).

According to the official website, archived by, I am still missing the files for other games like MOHAA and Enemy Terrirory: QuakeWars but this was the best I could do. At least you have the files for the complete Call of Duty series and the program itself to get you started J Should you have these files, please email me so I can put them up for everyone else to download.

Statsgen 2 is a Statistics Generators for Call Of Duty 1/2/4/5, MOHAA, Spearhead, Wolfenstein/Enemy Territory and Quake Wars. Statsgen automatically downloads the server logfiles, processes them using a flexible template system, and then transmits the resultant webpages to the webserver. Templating allows the pages produced to be very flexible to fit in with the style of your clan website. Additionally, it can send messages to your game servers stating who are the top scorers (COD1, COD2, COD4, QuakeWars).


Latest Statsgen2 Release:
Version 1.9.3 (23 November 2009) –

Image packs:
Basic Statsgen Images – Required for all server types –
COD 5 Specific Images – Supplied by Odin –
COD 4 Specific Images –
COD 2 Specific Images –
COD 1 Specific Images –
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Specific Images –

Unzip the contents and upload them to the root of your statsgen2 output folder of your webserver.
Note: I am still missing the imagepacks for other games like MOHAA and Enemy Terrirory: QuakeWars but this was the best I could do. Should you have these files, please email me so I can put them up for everyone else to download.

Upgrade files:
No idea what these are for, but I saved them just in case. Personally I’ve never used/needed them.

Custom Templates:
ArcadeKnight’s CoD2 Template


Consult the included README.txt for a quick installation guide. Consult the detailed documentation, which can be found in the, for more information.
To get you started, it basically comes down to this:

– Create a directory statsgen2 and unzip its contents
Contents should include:
libmySQL.dll – This is a library used to connect to MySQL databases (Note: A MySQL compatible template is not included! I could not find a working download link)
upgrade.ini – Upgrade files, used when upgrading from an older statsgen version to the latest one (Never used it myself).

– Run statsgen2.exe – On first run various files / directories will be created including the default templates. This can take a while, please be patient.

– Click on Run –> First Time Configuration – Again, this can take a while. DO NOT CANCEL THIS OR INSTALLATION WILL NOT COMPLETE

– Setup statsgen2 to your liking, upload the corresponding imagepack and you’re done!

Statsgen2 is even compatible with Windows Server 2012 R2! Just make sure to run it in compatibility mode (XP SP2/SP3) with Administrator privileges.
Additionally, I also had to hack together this .bat file, which basically just deletes the database before the stats are parsed. Else, my webpage would have missing data. Deleting the database before the statistics are parsed ensures the database is completely rebuilt from the start instead of being appended, which apparently gives issues on Windows Server 2012 R2. I’ve scheduled this .bat file using Windows Task Scheduler to be run before the stats are parsed:

taskkill /F /IM statsgen2.exe
del “D:\statsgen2\statsgen2.db”


Statsgen2 is created by Shaun Jackson – [email protected]
I’ve mailed Shaun and requested permission to re-host the files. Sadly I never received a reply. It’s a great shame as many still use it since no one has created anything near as good.

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  1. arcade/ Avatar


    I went by the name Omega for years during the glory days of MOHAA & Call of Duty (now using the handle ‘arcadeknight’). I started playing CoD2 again a few years ago on a great and still active CTF server. In fact, I visited their website a while back and they were using the old templates and images I created for statsgen, although they are presently not running any server stats.

    It was later I saw your post. After some messing around, I decided to freshen up my old CoD2 template, as I enjoy graphic design work when I get the time, and wanted to update the look of the template if anyone still wanted to use it.

    I worked with Nazarine on several templates for statsgen, unfortunately I lost contact with him years ago.

    I am providing a link for those who want to download and install my new CoD2 stats template.

    Via MEGA.NZ:!hBJA2BjJ

    Good to see that other gamers still play CoD2! Great game. Enjoy, and happy fragging, Freek!

  2. arcadeknight Avatar

    Sorry, don’t use my MEGA account often. Here is the decryption key:


    Pretty sure I requested a download link without the key, but it doesn’t seem to work. Feel free to host it yourself.

  3. shaun Avatar

    hi – this is Shaun here (nazarine)

    Sorry – i sort of dropped statsgen because everything moved on in my life and i got very ill.

    You are welcome to rehost it and i give you full permission – i will try and find all my previous source files and i can arrange to send them to you if you still need them

    please email me – again and hopefully notice

  4. FireLite Avatar

    anyone ever got hold of the image pack for Enemy Terrirory: QuakeWars? Me and some friends are rebooting our old QW servers and would like to have some nice stats.

    1. FireLite Avatar

      Lo and behold, something magically happened. I just ran the initial config and clicked “Upload Image Packs” and it got automatically downloaded from the Statsgen site.

      To whoever fixed this, thank you so much!

      1. Freek Avatar

        You’re welcome ;) The old domainname wasn’t renewed by it’s original owner (Shaun Jackson) in 2017, so I was able to register it myself. I uploaded the original image packs in such a way that the setup wizard recognizes them :) Enjoy!

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