(Stability) Issues Public Pi-hole service

Update (26/02/2018): The Public Pi-hole is back (up)! For more information, please visit: https://freek.ws/public-pi-hole/

This is just a short message to let you all know that I am aware of the (stability) issues with the free public Pi-hole service I am offering.

Some of these issues were caused by outages at my hosting provider:

However, the current issue is caused due to changes I made to Pi-hole core files a couple of months ago to support SSL before it was officially implemented by the Pi-hole development team. Due to these changes, a complete re-installation of Pi-hole is the easiest way forward, since many core files have been adjusted by the official Pi-hole development team. I am planning on doing so this Monday, the 29th of January. Additionally, I’ll try to setup a secondary node/resolver as well for redundancy.

My apologies for any inconvenience caused and thanks in advance for your understanding.

4 thoughts on “(Stability) Issues Public Pi-hole service

    1. Thanks for your message.

      I am aware of the issues with my Pi-hole. The DNS service should still be running although the webinterface is broken.
      I am short on time right now, but I’m trying to get it fixed asap!

      Kind regards,

  1. It appears to be down again. I, too, have difficulties with providers … and time to get to projects. Thank you for offering what you can – free as in “beer” to the rest of us. I hope you get some time to yourself as well as to fix this. The 2nd PiHole listed in the comments section ( is still operational as of the time of this message. We’re still rooting for yours!!

    1. My Public Pi-hole is back (up)…. And it’s stronger than ever!

      I’ve setup a secondary node in the UK for redundancy, as well as adding 7 new ad-lists and a status page to communicate with you guys about outages and scheduled maintenance. For more information, please visit: https://freek.ws/public-pi-hole/

      Thank you for your continued support. Enjoy!

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