How to: Root you Asus Transformer TF101 running ICS or Transformer Prime TF201 running ICS, WITHOUT unlocking your bootloader!


In this tutorial I am going to show you how to root your Asus Transformer TF101 or Asus Transformer Prime TF201, running the latest version of Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), which at the time of writing is for the TF101 and for the Prime TF201. The only way to root your tablet running or WITHOUT unlocking your bootloader, is to downgrade to an older firmware version, get root, upgrade back to the latest firmware version available and restore our root access using OTA Root Keeper.
The benefit of this method is that you will not void your warranty, as your bootloader will remain locked. This whole process will take about 30 minutes to complete and will keep your data intact. I created this tutorial all by myself after I successfully rooted my Transformer Prime TF201 running and a Transformer TF101 of a friend of mine running


Rooting (and downgrading) is a complicated process. I’ve tried to make this tutorial as easy to follow as possible. It contains lots of screenshots, which are in Dutch (Nederlands) by the way, but I also assume you have basic computer knowledge. If you don’t even know what ‘rooting’ is, then this is not for you!
In this tutorial I will be rooting my Transformer Prime TF201, but the process for the Transformer TF101 is exactly the same. Just make sure you don’t mix up the firmware numbers.
I also would like to point out that I am not responsible for any possible damage that this process may cause to your tablet. Downgrading and rooting Android devices is highly experimental and may turn your device into worthless brick. Proceed at your own risk!!
Last but not least: English is not my first language, so please excuse any spelling errors I’ve made below.



-Make sure your Transformer is FULLY Charged
-Make sure your Transformer is NOT Docked
-Make sure your Transformer’s bootloader is LOCKED, i.e. you are NOT running a custom ROM or have ClockworkMod flashed.
-Make sure your firmware build number is equal to if you have a Transformer TF101 or if you have a Transformer Prime TF201
-Only use the ORIGINAL USB Cable, WITHOUT any USB extension cables
-Take your time, don’t rush things and be patient.
-Follow the instructions precisely and all will be OK!


Preparation: Backup Apps&Data

Let’s start by making a backup of our apps and data in case something goes wrong. Open up the Asus Back-up app.

Accept the Terms of Agreement and click on ‘Start’.

In the right upper corner select ‘Data & Application’ as ‘Back-uptype’, click ‘Select all’ and click ‘Back-up’. The time it takes before the backup finishes depends on the amount of apps you have installed on your tablet. Just be patient.

Preparation: Download & Copy older firmware

Before we continue, we need to verify which exact firmware version our Transformer tablet is running. To do so go into ‘Settings’ –> ‘About Tablet’ and scroll down until the ‘Build- number’ appears, like so:

As you can see, my tablet is running the latest version of ICS available, which at the time of writing is for the Prime TF201. But also note the ‘WW’ in front of the number, which means ‘WorldWide’. This is important because Asus releases different types of firmware versions for different countries. For example, Transformer tablets in the USA will have an ‘US’ prefix instead of the ‘WW’ prefix. When downgrading (or flashing a new ROM onto) your tablet, it is very important to make sure you have the correct corresponding firmware type. In other words: Do NOT flash a ‘US’ type firmware on your tablet if it originally was a ‘WW’ type tablet. This WILL cause problems!

Now that we know which firmware type our tablet has, in my case that’s ‘WW’, we need to download an older firmware for our tablet to be able to gain root access. This is needed because the latest firmware version we’re running ( does not contain any exploits that we can use to gain root access directly. This is because Asus patches those exploits with every firmware update they release. However, older firmware versions do contain exploits to gain root access and thus we need to downgrade to one of those older firmware versions first before we can gain root access.
If you have an Transformer TF101, I recommend downloading firmware version, which can be found here:
WW version:
US version:
Again, make sure to download the correct corresponding firmware type for your tablet, as explained above!

If you have a Transformer Prime TF201, I recommend downloading firmware version, which can be found here:
WW version:
US version:
Again, make sure to download the correct corresponding firmware type for your tablet, as explained above!

After you’ve downloaded the corresponding older firmware version for your tablet, you’ll end up with a .zip file. Unzip the .zip file, which will leave you with a ‘META-INF’ folder and a ‘blob’ file.

You can delete the ‘META-INF’ folder; we only need the ‘blob’ file.

Connect your Transformer tablet to your computer using the original USB cable and copy the ‘blob’ file into the root of the INTERNAL STORAGE of your Tranformer (NOT the SDCard), like so:


Preparation: Change tablet settings

Before we can downgrade our tablet, we need to change some settings in our tablet.
Before you continue, please disconnect the tablet from your computer!
On your tablet, go to Settings –> Developer Options –> Click OK at the message that pops up –> place a checkmark at ‘USB debugging’ –> Click OK at the message that pops up.

Also go to Settings –> Security –> place a check mark at ‘Unknown Sources’ –> Click OK at the message that pops up.

Lastly, go to Settings –> Accounts & Synchronization –> Uncheck (remove) the check mark at ‘Start Asus Sync’.

Download ‘Downgrade Tool’

We now need to download a tool which will downgrade the firmware for us. This tool is no more than an automated version of a downgrade exploit invented by Wolf849 (1) and can be found here: (2)

Once downloaded, you will end up with another .ZIP file. Again unzip this file and you’ll end up with a bunch of files. This .ZIP file also contains the Drivers we need to use in the next step!


Preparation: Install Drivers

Now connect your tablet to your computer again, using the original USB cable.
Windows now probably will l complain a ‘Device driver software was not successfully installed’ in the right bottom corner of your screen.

To solve this, go ‘Start’, right click on ‘Computer’ –> ’Properties’.

In the new screen that pops-up (assuming that you’re running Windows 7) click on ‘Device Manager’, in the left upper corner.

You will now see a device called ‘Asus Android Composite ADB Interface’ listed under ‘Other devices’ with a yellow exclamation mark. Right click on it and select ‘Update driver’.

In the new screen that pops-up, select ‘Browse my computer for driver software’.

In the next screen, browse to the ..\Drivers\Android folder which was included in the .zip file you’ve downloaded above and click ‘Next’.

Your computer should now install the correct drivers for your tablet. If all went well, you should see this screen:

Click ‘Close’ and check if the ‘Asus Android Composite ADB Interface’ is now listed under ‘Asus Android Devices’ instead of ‘Other devices’, like so:

Preparation: Kill unwanted apps

Before we can downgrade, we need to make sure the apps ‘Asus Sync’ and ‘Splashtop Remote’ are not running.
To do so (do NOT disconnect your tablet from your computer!) on your tablet go to Settings –> Apps –> All –> Search for ‘com.asus.pcsynclauncher’ and ‘Splashtop Remote’.

Make sure to ‘Force stop’ both apps. To do so, click on them and press ‘Force stop’.

After Force stopping, the ‘force stop’ button will be greyed out which means the app is no longer running in the background.



We are now finally ready to downgrade our tablet. Open (by double clicking) ‘viperMOD Primer Tool v4.5 – Modded by bpear_v3.exe’ . You will see this screen:

We need option 1, so press 1 on your keyboard and hit the Enter button to continue.
NOTE: Although it says ‘Downgrade unrooted US Prime to .15’, this also works for WW Prime and also for US and WW TFT101. Don’t worry :)

You’ll get this screen:

Hit the Enter button to continue.
You’ll get this screen:

Once again, hit the Enter button to continue.
The downgrade process will now begin. DO NOT DISCONNECT YOUR TABLET FROM YOUR COMPUTER DURING THIS PROCESS! Disconnecting your tablet during the downgrade or rooting process can break your tablet and turn it into a unless (but very expensive) brick!

If all goes according to plan your tablet will reboot first, then the older firmware we’ve copied earlier (the ‘blob’ file) will be copied to the correct system folders (this can take up to 10 minutes, BE PATIENT!!) and then your tablet will reboot once again running the older firmware. While rebooting, the tablet will stop for a while displaying the Asus EEE Logo with a progress bar; Don’t worry – the bar will move in 1 minute or so. Just be patient!
If the downgrading process has finished, you’ll see this screen:

Hit the Enter button, followed by pressing 8 and hitting the Enter button to exit.

To verify if your tablet has indeed been downgraded successfully, go into Settings à About tablet and verify the ‘Build-number’. It should say ‘’ if you have a Transformer TF101 or ‘’ if you have a Transformer Prime TF201, like so:

If that’s the case, we can proceed by rooting our tablet. If not, then you’ve done something wrong. Please start from the beginning and make sure you exactly follow each and every step precisely.


Download ‘Rooting Tool’

To root our tablet, we need to download another tool, which can be found here: (3)

You’ll end up with another .zip file. Again unzip this .zip file somewhere and you’ll end up again with a bunch of files and folders.

Before we can root our tablet, we need to make sure again that the apps ‘Asus Sync’ and ‘Splashtop Remote’ are NOT running. Please see above on how to do this.



We now can finally root our tablet. Open (by double clicking) ‘viperMOD PrimeTime v4.5.exe’ . You will see this screen:

We need option 1, so press 1 on your keyboard and hit the Enter button to continue.
NOTE: Although it says ‘Root (only method for Prime on ICS v9.x.x.11)’, this also works for the Asus Transformer TF101 running and Transformer Prime TF201 running Don’t worry :)
However, whatever you do, do NOT flash recovery if you’re NOT on a Prime. That option is ONLY for Prime TF201!!

Let’s continue. You’ll now get this screen:

Hit the Enter button to continue.

You’ll get this screen:

Once again, hit the Enter button to continue.

If all goes according to plan some files will be transferred to your tablet first, the exploit will be used to gain root access and BusyBox will be installed. Finally your tablet will reboo and once rebooted it will be rooted! If the rooting process has finished, you’ll see this screen:

Hit the Enter button, followed by pressing 7 and hitting the Enter button to exit.


Protect Root with OTA RootKeeper

To verify that your tablet has indeed been rooted, go into the market, download ‘OTA RootKeeper’ and open it.

On opening, a SuperUser prompt will popup asking if ‘OTA RootKeeper’ is allowed to get root permissions. Hit ‘Allow’

If correctly, OTA RootKeeper will confirm that your device is rooted:

Now before we continue, it is important that we protect our root access. Like I said before, with every new firmware update Asus releases, they patch any exploits which will gain us root access. So to make sure we can safely upgrade to a newer firmware version (in our case or, we need to protect our root access BEFORE upgrading. If you don’t do this, you will lose your root access and you can start all over again. I hope you understand the importance of this app, so whatever you do, DO NOT UNINSTALL OTA ROOTKEEPER!
To protect your root access, press the ‘Protect root’ button in OTA RootKeeper. It’ll take just a few seconds. Once it has finished protecting our root access, you should see this:


Upgrade to latest firmware

Now we’re ready to upgrade back to the latest firmware available, in our case for the TF101 or for the Prime TF201
To do so, on your tablet, go to ‘Settings’ –> ‘About tablet’ –> ‘Update systemfirmware’. It should now say a new update is available and start downloading it. If it doesn’t say there’s an update available, just wait a couple of hours and try again. It should show up eventually. If still doesn’t show up after 24 hours, make sure you flashed the correct version of firmware (ie. WW if your tablet is a WW version).
You can check the download progress in the notification area, in the right down corner of your tablet. If it has finished downloading, a notification will be placed in the notification area, in the right down corner of your tablet. Click on it and this screen will appear:

Now hit Install and your tablet will upgrade to the latest firmware as it normally would do.

Restore Root using OTA RootKeeper

Finally, once the upgrade has finished, open OTA RootKeeper and restore your root access.


Congratulations! You’ve now successfully rooted your Transformer TF101 or Transformer Prime TF201 tablet, running the latest available firmware ( or! That wasn’t so hard, was it ;) ?


Credits & Thanks to:

(1) Wolf849 @ xda-developers for inventing a downgrade method for Transformers running or
(2) bpear96 @ xda-developers for creating an automated downgrade script, based upon –Viperboy-‘s tool using Wolf849’s downgrade method.
(3) -Viperboy- @ xda-developers for creating his ‘viperMOD PrimeTime’ tool to automatically root a Transformer tablet.

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    1. Hi Pete! Thanks for the reply.
      Version 3 of Wolf’s method is only available for TF101 Transformers and not for Transformers Prime TF201. It also hasn’t been automated yet by a script or something, so has to be done manually and thus is prone to human errors (typos). I do see more posts for help from people using Method 3, so I personally prefer method 2.
      But yes, if you have a TF101 that also would’ve been possible ;)

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    1. Good question. To be honest, I don’t have an answer for you. This tutorial was written especially for those who don’t want to unlock their bootloader and still have a ‘virgin’ non-rooted/non-flashed Transformer.
      From the top of my head I would say that it is possible. I guess you can use cwm to flash a su package (like Pete mentions above). I suggest you take a look at the XDA-Developers forum and seek for help over there. I’m sure they’ll be able to help you out :)

      1. Thanks, i would to pass the question to the XDA-Developers, and then i publish here the answere for other people. Great work men.

      2. There are custom ROMS based on the .21 update that are rooted. Since you have an unlocked bootloader and installed cwm, you don’t need to go through this process, just flash the ROM that looks best to you :)

  6. Worked like a charm on TF201 WW .21

    Two small adds:
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    For mac users, connect usb directly to the rear of the screen, NOT through the keyboard. This will solve the ‘low usb power’ issue.

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    1. Please see the comment from ‘Daryl’ below. He says:

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      I hope your problem also gets fixed ‘automagically’.

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    1. That’s also possible of course ;) I just listed those two versions because I used them myself during the rooting process so I knew they would definitely work.
      Thanks for the feedback!

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    Slight note, in your guide you refer to running the .EXE files. On my setup (Vista) they will not run stating not being compatible with the OS. I found I needed to run the .BAT files instead.

    1. AFAIK UK Firmware does not exist indeed. Only DE, TW, US and WW I believe :)

      .BAT should also be fine, no worries there.

      1. Thanks for the reply Freek, might want to add that to the guide as some people having issues with 64bit issues. If it was not for your guide I would not have got my ROOT back after the .21 update.

        Many thanks to Viperboy, wolf849 & bpear96 for their exploits and hardwork!!

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      1. CMW is not necessary for rooting. Only install it if you know what you’re doing.

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    1. Hi Mark.
      As far as I know, nobody has tried this method yet on their Slider, at least no-one in the topic at XDA-Developers has. So I don’t know at this time.. sorry!

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    1. The blob itself will not be moved. After downgrading, it will still be in the same place.
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    This process worked for me on the second attempt after actually bricking my TF101 the first time around. :(

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    I didn’t realise that was supposed to happen and that I needed to just leave it a little longer.

    This is the section I should have taken more notice of:
    “DO NOT DISCONNECT YOUR TABLET FROM YOUR COMPUTER DURING THIS PROCESS! Disconnecting your tablet during the downgrade or rooting process can break your tablet and turn it into a unless (but very expensive) brick!”

    For anyone else, if you inadvertantly brick your device (mine was actually boot looping), then there is a really useful thread here to unbrick the TF101:

    The comments 7 and 9 from ‘dreamboxuser’ are what got my TF101 working again.

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    My only complaint is I wasted 15 minutes looking at other solutions and did not come across this until page 3 on google search results!

  48. You rock, I had some issues with the drivers for some reason but finally uninstalled them several times and started over and it worked like a champ. I really appreciate all that you have done. YOU ROCK

  49. Thanks for the kind comments everyone! I’ve been told that this process also works for Transformers running .24. So if you’re running .24, feel free to try it out. If it does work, please do report back!

  50. Awesome tutorial! :D
    Worked perfectly, but my prime didn’t have the com.asus.pc….. so i just closed the other one and it worked :)
    People worrying if the tutorial works, it does xD

  51. I got to step2, then it says “device not found” (TF101 starts rebooting), then the message of “… 3-10 minutes”, but then “”device not found” again. The TF101 reboots within a minute. Any ideas? Thanks.

      1. Removed ASUS Sync and Splashtop from both TF101 and Win7 laptop, not those errors are gone, but still reboots within 30 seconds without upgrading.

  52. Awesome tutorial and excellent explanation. Thank you so much. I read several other tutorials but I failed to do that until I found your article. Finally, I can root my TF101 ICS.

    * Note: I’ve got a bit of problem after the second rebooting, i.e. after moving FW data. My Asus keeps on saying “unfortunately, Exchange Services has stopped.” But no worry, after I upgrade my firmware to the latest one, the problem has gone.


  53. Freek,

    Awesome work.
    And hereby confirmation that it works on a TF101 with
    Finally a working method.
    Thank you very much.

  54. Hi,

    I have an old Windows XP 32-bit version on my PC. Judging by some other comments here, does that mean this method won’t work for me???

    1. Try running the .bat file, instead of the .exe file. Some people reported that this fixed their problem.

      1. OK will give it a try. But I’m stuck on step 2: when I connect the tablet to my computer, the computer recognises a new item is connected but it doesn’t show up in the Explorer. as a result I can’t copy the blob file.

        How do you make the tablet show up in Explorer without installing some drivers first? Have I forgotten some settings somewhere?

      2. Had the same problem until i upgraded the “Windows Media Player” to Version 11, after connecting, the MTP screen prompt turns up with the “show files in Windows Explorer”wich enables the transference of files. Maybe you need to allocate the MTP in “Device Manager” to the Drivers in the Primer tool download as described in Freeks tutorial above.

  55. great tut!! finaly and with your help I made it! now time to install debian.. and other roms! thanx!!

  56. Fantastic! Worked on the TF201/ Windows XP 32 bit.
    Open the “windows batch” not the “exe.” for the prime and primer tool otherwise you get an error.
    Thanks for the work and thumbs up to all the developers!!

  57. Excellent instructions! Very clear and concise. This worked fine on my TF201 even with it being unlocked using the official from Asus. I also rooted using the newer version 4.6 and it worked fine. That file can be found here, Everything worked great and I am now rooted on I also protected root with OTA rootkeeper. However, it has been 3 days and the OTA firmware update to .21 is not coming even when I check. I grabbed the file from Asus support online and upgraded. However, I went to restore root from rootkeeper and it would not work. I ended up redoing the instructions and am back to rooted on

  58. Works for me, (TF101 with 24 FW)
    but have proplem with mail foceclose.
    Got it after downgrade+root.

    1. I also had problems with my mail.
      The problems where gone after I updated to the newest version again (With saved root ofcourse)

  59. I try this method with my Tf101 with and it does not even give my tablet enough time to restart before it tries to move the files. It says error device not found after the initial restart.

    1. Did you enable USB Debugging? Did you install the drivers? Have you stopped Asus PC Sync and Splashtop Remote?

  60. Great job on the tutorial…I have been looking for a way to root my tf101 since the latest update and this process was easy and pretty quick for someone like me, who isn’t very knowledgeable about rooting.

    Thanks again and great job!

  61. Firstly, I want to thank you for writing such a detailed guide as this one.
    Now the problem: I have a TF101 and I rooted it 1 month ago, but I lost it when I updated to .21 because I forgot to install the OTA RootKeeper.
    So at the moment my TF101 is unrooted and its FW is WW_epad- (I didn’t update to .24 yet, even though the system keeps saying that there’s an update). I tried downgrading twice following all the instructions in this guide, even triple checking them, but step 3 in viperMOD, “Moving FW data… (this will take 3-10 min)”, lasts only 10 seconds, then the tablet reboots without downgrading.
    However, since I already rooted it before, the drivers are already installed and when I connect the Transformer to the PC it is automaticaly recognized as a storage device and is listed as “ASUS Android Composite ADB Interface” under “ASUS Android Deviced” in Device Manager, so I didn’t install any new drivers.
    I don’t know what to do… What am I doing wrong?
    Thank you again and I hope you can help me :)
    Sorry for the bad english

      1. Reading the comments below I found out the problem was that I had killed Asus Sync and SplashTop just on the Transformer, not on the PC.
        Just closed them all and it worked perfectly. Thanks for the guide :)

  62. What must I do, after sucesfully root, if I dont want to loose the root in case I made a soft reset?

  63. prachtige uitleg. heel duidelijk.

    Ik zit alleen met een probleem. Ik kan mijn root acces niet terug krijgen nadat ik hem heb geupdate naar .21

    Ik weet 100% zeker dat ik hem op .15 geroot heb en dat dat ook gelukt is. Ik weet ook 100% zeker dat ik een back up van mijn root heb via rootkeeper. Maar wanneer ik hem geupdate heb naar .21 en ik ga terug naar rootkeeper om hem terug te halen. Dan krijg ik een heel ander schermpje. Ik kan namelijk de volgende knoppen indrukken: protect root, backup root, restore root, delete su backup.

    Ook worden de volgende vakjes weergeven: divice rooted, root permission granted, filesystem supports root protection(aangevinkt), Protected su copy available. (er is er dus maar 1 aangevinkt)

    Dus ik druk op restore root en ik krijg de melding root restored(er gebeurt verder niks). ik kijk vervolgens of ik mijn root inderdaad terug heb maar nee. geen root toegang. Ook de vakjes zijn niet aangevinkt. Weet jij misschien waar het probleem ligt? Ik kom er namelijk niet uit. heb alle stappen meerdere keren doorgenomen maar elke keer kom ik op het zelfde resultaat.


      1. na updaten staat het vakje bij rootkeeper: Protected su copy available niet aangevinkt!!! (ik weet zeker dat ik er een back up van heb gemaakt!)

  64. Thanks. This forum appealed to me vs the others and was extremely easy to follow. Great Job

  65. Men All I have to say is Thanks Aswome Job!!!!! You are the man and I appreciate the time you spend on this tutorial.

    Many thanks.

  66. You may want to add that you cant have any asus sync software running or poossibly instaled on your computer. Took me multiple tries till I figured out to remove it

    1. Followed your instructions, found asus sync and webstorage on my computer and it worked.

  67. Thank you for writing this wonerful guide and compiling all the information. After some time and with the help of joker I am not running .24 rooted.

  68. THANK YOU!!!

    I was nervous as I have had my prime only 2 days but everything worked perfectly.

  69. The part where windows does not recognize the device and you manually update the drivers from the viperMOD zip file does not work for me. windows recognizes the device and installs the drivers automatically. Is this a problem? I followed the steps exactly up to this point.

      1. Where did you find it or what is it? I also have the same problem that might be my issue(s) with rooting. Thanks.

      2. if windows recognizes the device and installs drivers automatically, you can just continue as normal. you only need to do that particular step if windows DOESNT recognize the device.

        hope this helps, it worked for me

  70. Thank you double thank you triple thank you!!!

    I just cant believe it only took you 4 hours to figure this out :). It took me nearly an hour using the guide.

  71. I’ve successfully followed your guide after running into the wall while running .21. I went from frustrated to rooted and happy within an hour. Clear and concise.

    Thank you for writing this!

  72. EXCELENTE!!!!

    I hace my TF101 Rooted with firmware

    It works also starting from that firmware.


  73. I finally took the time to root my Prime and thanks to your guide it was a simple procedure!!

  74. I rooted my tf 201 then i update OTA to .21, now i want to unroot it, just use tool, isn’t it?

  75. You Rock!!!!!!! This is the only usable tutorial i’ve found on hove to root this build. Thank you again

  76. thank you so much!!
    i was looking for this guide!! all the other ones were too outdated so i couldnt root my tf101.
    Thanks again!!

  77. Nice tutorial! I was searching XDA for a clear tutorial, until i searched for the .15 blob i found your site. very good, thanks!

  78. I’ve never had root on my TF101, and I went from -> -> root -> OTA root keeper -> -> restore root!!!


  79. .24 rooted after disabling sync and splashtop on computer (not just the tf101)

    thanks, now on to dual boot ubuntu

  80. Hi thank you for such a well written comprehensive tutorial.
    I have firmware on an asus tf101g. Will this method work for me or has blocked me again?
    Thanks again,

  81. Sorry but it doesn’t work for mine as i had a TW_epad_- version. I tried your methods 3 time and it doesn’t work at all. Anyway, thanks for the guide.

    1. I don’t have any TW blob files, so that could be the issue.. Or do you have your own TW blob?

  82. j’ai suivie le tuto a la lettre et tous c’est passé nickel me voila donc enfin avec une prime tf201 en rootée !!! merci beaucoup pour ce super tuto bravo a toi!

  83. Thanks for this excellent tuturial, I’ll try it at home. Like we say here in Venezuela: it’s a shot to the ground, you can not miss it

  84. Many thanks! Now I can edit hosts file, so my NAS no longer appear as IP number but as the name I given to it.

  85. I tried this method with an Asus transformer TF101G firmware It did downgrade me to I used the recommended version above. I had boot loops until I did a wipe. Then I found the 3g disappeared and would not work at all. Perhaps the blob is for a tf101 and not a tf101g?

    I recovered by putting zip file (downloaded from Asus) on the sdcard then clicked install and I am back to normal.

    I will try again but with a different blob as I would not like to lose the 3g.
    Thanks anyway,

  86. Well, just for the records: I did starting from WW_epad_- serial B90 and Windows 32 bits (using the .bat files) and man, it worked like a charm. Only issue was several applications force closing right after the downgrade but after upgrading everything went back to normal without any additional step. Thanks again

  87. Thanks for your meticulous guide. I’ve tried other methods which didn’t work. This one did!
    The accuracy helps a lot, often guides are full of consenting remarks, which constantly leaves a newbe at loss. Yours didn’t !!

    Thanks a lot

  88. Thanks a lot, it worked like a charm.
    I’ve just one question: can I install cooked roms on my (now) rooted but unlocked prime, or do I still have to use the asus unlocker to do that?


  89. Hey there! Excellent write-up. As many have stated, this method works great on .24 revision as well. I have a C30 serial number, which is the newest I’ve yet seen and nothing complains except for the force-closing of apps while running the old firmware. You should change the title to say .24 as well! Thanks so much.

  90. oke heb alles nu weer inorde met OTA rootkeeper. draai nu de laatste firmware en rooted. Maar nu het volgende probleem. Ik wil hem opstarten in CWM recovery (heb de laatste recovery geflashed met rommanager). Bij het rebooten in cwm recovery, start hij gewoon opnieuw op met de melding (bij het EEpad logo) in de rechter boven hoek: blob signature verification failed. Weet jij misschien hoe je dit oplost? Wil graag een rom met cornerstone flashen.

  91. I used your instruction which are great but I have a problem. I keep getting ECHO is off and Cannot connect to device. Could you help me?

  92. Hey – thanks for the detailed guide – but im not sure what to do at the preperation step where i have to install the drivers – when i connect my tf201 to the laptop – with debugging enabled – theres no Asus Android Composite ADB Interface anywhere in device manager. There is Transformer Prime TF201. so i didnt continue with the rest of the tuturial – any help would be appreciated

  93. Excellent tutorial. Thank you for taking the time to write this up and have all the needed files in one place. Very much appreciated!

  94. thanks very much for this, could I be really cheeky and ask you to do one on installing ubuntu for android?

  95. I LOVE YOU.

    I’ve just got my Asus TFP 201 ww version with .21 firmware rooted.

    Thank you for your excellent, utmost beautiful work.

  96. Hello Freek! i have tried this but all i get is the last window and the prime does not seem to do nothing it stays on and will not downgrade any help please

  97. you’r haven’t done all this work for nothing, i search a method or similar method for root my tf201 and with your tutorial it work’s perfetly, now i go make a ssh server,openvpn server,terminal emulator etc…

    THANKSSSSS From France !!!

  98. Many thanks for your excellent tutorial. I could not find ‘com.asus.pcsynclauncher’ to force stop it but it still worked great on TF101 with

  99. I finished all of the steps and my prime is now rooted (Thanks!). Can I now delete the blob file on my prime to free up space?

  100. Hey, YOU DA MAN! (Assuming of course that you are a man; if not, I sincerely apologise!).

    I bought my TF201 recently in Hong Kong and very foolishly allowed it to upgrade from TW_ to TW_, before I realised that the new firmware version cannot (currently) be rooted. So finding your instructions after a long search of the web was absolutely fantastic. I initially had trouble finding a TW_ build to downgrade to (I didn’t want to risk using the WW version), but I eventually found it here:

    After finally getting all the required files downloaded, I then proceeded to follow your instructions. The only place I got stuck was when I omitted to install the correct driver from the ‘\viperMOD Primer Tool v4.5 – Modded by bpear_v3\Drivers\Android’ directory (since I’d already got the standard Asus driver installed). Once I fixed that, everything went smoothly.

    So the great news is that your instructions do work perfectly, as long as you carefully read them and don’t try to rush things or skip over any steps ;-). Now I love my Transformer Prime even more, because I can get the full benefit of great apps such as Titanium Backup and Avast Mobile Security.

    Thank you again for taking the time to share these instructions for the benefit of the Transformer community – your efforts really are very much appreciated!

  101. I hope you know that you are an amazing person for spreading the message! Worked flawlessly! I was scared because reading xda, many posts said that 9.4.21 is only rootable if you unlock your bootloader. Thanks a million!

  102. Thank you, excellent instruction! One problem though..
    Well, I did not wait for ASUS update being available, just installed manually on my TF201 using SD card method. After that OTA Rootkeeper did not work, said NO “Protected su copy available”. Did it a couple of times, downgraded to .15 and rooted again, will sleep on it, maybe the online update will finally pop up and work as promised.. I see at least one mentioning of the same problem above. Any comments?

  103. the downgrade worked on the newest firmware version of thank a ton have been looking for weeks to find a root

  104. Thanks a lot for the detailed instruction. This is what I was looking for weeks. My fear having on my TF 101 is also cleared now with the reply before mine.

  105. It doesn’t work. I see “Step 3 – Moving FW date..” and nothing. I did everything from thil tutorial can sb help me?

    1. Hi matix_mk,

      Please see my posts above and below. Are you sure you have correctly installed the Windows driver from the viperMOD Primer Tool package before attempting the downgrade?

  106. Thank you, friend, everything is super! I have everything turned out (This method is well suited for Asus TF101 WW – 20120503 ROOT) I am very much looking for a working method, thank you again!
    P.S. Greetings from Moscow, Russia, Siberia xD
    UFUFUF tRololo I’m the driver of UFO xDDDD

  107. Hey, my tablet refuses to downgrade, I did everything in the right order the exact way you put it in the tutorial but whenever i downgrade I get the eee pad screen (with no loading bar though) and then it says im done and my tablet reboots, but when i go to see if I am in .15 it always says I am still in .21 btw I am using the US version

    1. and the moving fw date thing goes by in a couple of seconds instead of 3-10 minutes PLEASE HELP :(

      1. Hey xyz25, what you described here sounds very similar to the problem I initially had (see my post above). The mistake I’d made was not to install the special Windows driver from the viperMOD Primer Tool package before I tried to downgrade. I was using the standard Asus driver that I’d previously installed – after I uninstalled it and installed the viperMOD version the ‘moving fw date’ process happened properly (it took some time rather than just a couple of seconds). Are you sure you have correctly installed the driver from the viperMOD Primer Tool package?

  108. the best freaking thing ever. I myself was almost brought down to tears as i saw everything go according to plan =D. Thank You so much

  109. Thank you for documenting this! Doubly so for doing it with adb and batch files… I was able to easily duplicate this on my linux desktop to downgrade to .15 so I could root using mempo and a simple script to cat/chown/chmod su to /system/bin.

  110. Yes i did it… THANKs so much… it took me an hour or so.. its 11.53 pm in here// wew….

  111. Hey man… Finally rooted my ASUS TF101…
    When I started trying, it was in a FW number that doesn’t had a rooting process, so, I stoped trying =x
    Now I have the TF101 at WW_9.2.1.24 rooted =]
    Thanks (already tweeted with this website link). \o/

  112. Just started using android a couple weeks ago so not very familiar with it yet your tutorial made the root process go without a hitch. AWESOME. Thanks a heap.

  113. Thank you so much for this tutorial.Its the only one I found that clearly showed me how to root my prime without problems:)

  114. Just wanted to express my gratitude. I’ve been worried about rooting it due to possible brickage and the picture-guide-for-idiots made me feel fantastic about it. Fairly spot on, and now everything running happily.

  115. Thank you very much. I spent quite a few hours trying to root my Asus Transformer Prime using the Wolf’s Ultimate, but kept having issues. I finally found your post accidentally searching the Wolf’s post for an error message I received. Had I known of your tutorial in the beginning, I would have saved hours and hours of time. It worked great!

  116. Thank you soo much for writing this, I’m just updating my TF101 again with root, and everything went flawlessly. Now I can get my xbox360 controller to work again with ICS!

  117. Freek…. You ROCK!

    This has to be the best written how-to on this topic, bar none.

    Thank you; I now have a brand new rooted TF101, that had previously updated itself to the current firmware that isn’t yet rooted… downgrade, root, rootkeep, update, restore root… easy… FULL CONTROL.

    Thanks again,

  118. Thank you….. The instructions were great and easy to follow. I have no experience at rooting and this was easy. Just follow the instructions and it was rooted and updated.

  119. Thank you thank you very much!!

    Your method is THE method!! With all due respect to other “superbrain” xda developers and friends, i have tryed so many methods untils yours…. I was wandering on the Net looking for a kind of chimaera when i felt down on your tutorial.

    My tf101 was under since last update and the exploit was closed in the hardiest way.

    Then i followed step by step your tutorial and now, i can say….

    i am the king of the world!!!

    Thanx to you and to all of android real fans!!

  120. Perfect!!!
    I’ve a TF201 unlocked, but without CWM or custom ROM and I followed the instructions step by step with success!
    Thank you very much!

  121. Freek, thanks a lot for this fantastic tutorial. I had been reading forums for a week now but never found a simple and clear tutorial until I accidentally found yours! You saved me a hours of surfing and reading. And the pictures are of a great help. Thanks for al your efforts and for sharing it with us. I hope for you that the Netherlands beat the Germans tomorrow at the E.C. Greetings from Belgium and thanks again !!!!

  122. I have a TF201 and this worked great for the new after going back to and then updating. Thank you, this was straight forward and well laid out

  123. Got the update to TW_epad- today for my TF201 (already rooted by the procedure here). OTA RootKeeper did its job and allowed me to restore root after the upgrade, so no dramas, everything worked as it should.

    Good to hear from Tom above that Freek’s root procedure also works on an unrooted TF201 that is already running

  124. Thanks so much to all for developing this method. It worked perfectly on the Prime with .21. All us users who know just enough to want all the good things root gives, sure owe a big thanks to all you smart people that figure out how to get there.

    Thx very much.

  125. I followed the guide and have my TF201-C1-GR rooted but failed to OTA.

    I manually factory reset, re-update firmware downloaded from ASUS by SD method. But eventually, OTA is still failed.

    Can anyone solve it?

  126. hey man i made an account just to tell you thank you for saving me so much trouble. judging by the love you have received so far, many people feel the way i feel

    thanks again

  127. Great guide, but my tablet is on IML74k.DE_epad- (I mean DE as in Germany, and not US or WW). Will it still work? I really don’t know much about software but everything other than that seems clear. Well done!

    1. Alexander,

      Please see David’s post above from 3rd June for details on where to download That worked for him, so it should work for you too.

  128. Thank you so much. First up to date and complete guide I found. I was starting to feel desperate !

  129. nice tutorial, i will definitely try it, but i was wondering: will OTA Rootkeeper protect my access to the root forever? or is there any chance that with new firmware updates they mightbe able to find a way to block it? also, do i have to restore the root acces at every update or just once?

  130. Success !! Thank you very much!!

    Device : TF101
    Orignal Firmware : TW_epad-
    OS version : Android 4.0.3

    The blob file for TW can be found here : v. Firmware
    (In Chinese : ????.11?????????? blob)

    and just follow your steps.

    I am now upgrade back to .24 and use root keeper restore root.

    Thank you very much!!

  131. Thanks man i tryed it out and was awsome how easy it was i hope u have success in all things you do THANKS AGAIN!!!

  132. Hi,
    Thank you for this but my TF101 is running ww_epad- and the downgrading stage goes step1 through step4 instantly and the tf101 doesn’t reboot.
    The tf101 remains un-rooted.
    Any suggestions?

  133. I have the TF101 model with build number US_epad- it will not downgrade, therefore will not accept the rooting. I have followed all the steps, even turned off Asus Sync on the PC as well stopped all the apps running in the background on the tablet but will still not take. Have installed all the correct drivers even tried with the drivers from Asus’s site, still no luck. Does Asus Sync need to be uninstalled from the PC entirely to work? ANy suggestions or ideas. Or any other ways to root this build maybe.

  134. this post worked like a charm on the us tf201 with only one exception: after downgrading, obtaining root and protecting it with ota rootkeeper… the device no longer sees the ota update for .21 (or .28). it just keeps saying no update available. it’s been 2 days and still no ota notification. i have tried with the .15 us blob file in the internal memory and without it. nothing seems to help. there are many reports about this problem here on this page and on xda but i’m not seeing any real solutions to this problem. the device does correctly show the serial number, so it isn’t related to that little problem either. any real solutions out there?

  135. Thank you! You saved me hours on searching through countless forums! Your step by step guide is perfect!

  136. Thanks for this very clear guide.

    Firmware of my Transformer TF101 is at IML74K.WW_epad-

    The steps I took:
    – Downgrade to (20120221)
    – Rooting
    – Upgrading to (20120503)
    – Regaining root right
    – Upgrading to (20120615)
    – Regaining root right

    Note 1:
    The app ‘com.asus.pcsynclauncher’ is called ‘ASUS Sync’ on firmware
    After downgrade the app is called ‘com.asus.pcsynclauncher’ again. The app is standing below in the list noted as disabled, despite this fact I forced closed the program.

    Note 2:
    After regaining root rights the option ‘root permission granted’ is not on, but if you close the app and go back the option is on.

    Greetz en de groeten.

  137. You may have answered it already, but can I still fallow the steps with the bootloader already unlocked. I Unlocked the bootloader using the Asus bootloader unlock tool from asus itself. I am running .28 firmware as well. So I guess my question is my bootloader is already unlocked and I have .28 firemware installed with this still work?
    Also great page, nothing out there with this much detail and work put into. TY

    1. Ok so I fallowed the steps before you or someone replied, and now my bootloader is locked and the asus unlocker app is giving me network error. I have read its possibly a server error or something on Asus end. Anyway not sure any input is good input. TY again

  138. Hey Freak.

    Already used your method once to great success. But I had to send my unit back for repair so unrooted. Do you know if your method will work with the WW .28 firmware backwards?

    Thanks. :)

  139. I with tf101 and builN and i cant change the windows drivers when in debugmode because windows doesn`r let me change me the original from asus. It seems asus has created one driver for the new buil number any ideas?

  140. Hey thanks i want to try and install ubuntu this thing but never got the time to do it .. so i would like to thank you .. for taking your time to do this … :)

    remeber keep doing it :) you do a amazing job plus there are some of us that apreciate all you do … :)

    See ya arround ….

  141. Thank you very much for this FANTASIC tutorial.
    Successfully downgraded TF101 v.27, rooted and upgraded again to V.27.

    Just to note: viperMOD Primer Tool v4.5 – Modded by bpear_v3.exe, did not want to run as a valid Win32 app, so I just ran the batch file instead, and it worked.
    I need to upgrade FW twice, since the first time it only stepped it up to V.24, then checked for updates again, and it found V.27

    SUPER JOB!! Thanks sooo much

  142. You, sir, have written the best guide for rooting I’v seen so far. This method is also a lot easier than anything I’ve seen. Thank you very much for everything.

  143. Hi there, simply turned into alert to your blog via Google, and found that it is really informative. I’m going to be careful for brussels. I will appreciate when you continue this in future. Numerous other people will likely be benefited out of your writing. Cheers!

  144. Excellent instructions, very clear and easy to follow. I have spent a lot of time on google trying to get information on rooting my device before I decided to actually give it a try. Your guide is the best I found. Worked for me on the first try without any hickup. Well done! Thanks very much!

  145. Outstanding piece of work. This is how technical instructions should be written. I tried several other procedures and none of them worked. This procedure WORKED the first time. Again, a sincere THANK YOU.

  146. 1. THANK YOU

    2. Maybe some people had my problem too: while using the downgrading tool I got messages as protocol lost and such. For those I suggest them to put a pause statement before line 398 @adb wait-for-device, and wait until your tf101 gets to the lock screen.

  147. This tutorial was extremely useful. After hours of trying to root my TF101 with the latest firmware, this tutorial put together all the necessary steps. Now, lets see if I can upgrade to Jelly Bean.

  148. hey
    you really did great work there, thanks for that :)

    however i’d like to add some notices:
    1: launch .bat files instead of .exe, as you described (both times..)
    2: launching the Primer Tool (to downgrade) i got to “protocol fault” and “device not found” errors – although i followed every steps carefully. SOLUTION: turn off wifi :)

    i wish there were some tutorial from You installing custom ROM-s :)

  149. Brilliant. Too bad I don’t have a windoze box to do this with. I guess I’m stuck with this damn unrooted Asus tf101. I will never buy anything by Asus again.

  150. First, I want to thank you for this guide. I’ll be rooting my TF201 / 4.0.3 / next weekend.

    I have a few questions I would appreciate you answering.

    Is it absolutely necessary to take the tablet out of the dock?

    After rooting, when I update, will the update bring it back to or will it update to JB with whatever the latest version is? Is there a way to just get back What do you recommend?

  151. Thank you for the wonderful work. I was able to to root my TF101 by following your instructions. You rock!

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